Rob Hughes

Warren is an extremely charismatic, gifted, and talented speaker. I had the honor and privilege of hearing Warren speak to my Army National Guard Officer Candidate School class. He truly moved and inspired me with his message of servant leadership, caring about your people, and leading from the front. Warren does an excellent job of involving the audience, using empirical examples of leadership, and using examples of what it takes to truly be a great leader. Warren has a dynamic speaking style that is compelling and engaging. He knows how to work the crowd and adapt to whatever audience he's speaking to, in my example, a military audience. Warren's speech truly touched our officer candidate school class, at a particularly difficult time during our training, it gave us the boost that we needed. Warren's message of humility, confidence, and leading by example struck a chord with me, and truly changed my life. I was a college state finalist in speech and debate, and have seen many speeches. Warren is one of the best I've ever seen. He not only inspires you with his presentation, but he inspires you to act, and apply the lessons that he teaches to your daily life. I'm thankful I had the opportunity to see Warren speak, and I hope you get the chance to see him as well. On top of all that, Warren is a genuine, authentic, and benevolent human being who is passionate about what he does and strives for excellence. He's an amazing human being. I give him my very highest recommendation.
Officer Candidate Rob Hughes
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