Shannon Warren

Over the past ten years, I have worked with many different presenters and Warren Martin is one of our favorites! In fact, he has received such rave reviews that we have invited him to speak or facilitate several times.

Warren delivers his message with authenticity, knowledge, enthusiasm and humor. Plus, he consistently exhibits a true servant’s heart and that is reflected in the positive delivery of his powerful messages.

Shannon Warren, Founder
Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium

Gayle Ledbetter-Darby

Good afternoon Warren,

Thanks again for being our Guest Speaker at the First Baptist Church, Duke, Oklahoma during the month of July. Our membership was so impressed with your delivery, positive attitude, and professionalism.

I have been impressed with you since the day I met you on the Great Plains Country Tourism Board of Directors. I knew from the beginning that you possessed a quality that you do not find in everyone. I have heard you speak on a Business Level and in a Religious Setting and I am amazed with the ability you have to motivate people.

Kody Suanny

Wow! Warren Martin...what an inspirational and creative person! Had several opportunities to hear his leadership skills training and left inspired and eager to incorporate his message in my personal and business world. Perfect for all age groups from youth to seniors! I always look forward to hearing what Warren has to communicate! Thanks Warren for all that you do for the Hobart and surrounding communities.

Bill Stewart

In my 36 years of building a business, I have found that the key to a growing a business is growing people. Warren Martin's unique ability to connect with people and help them discover their purpose, mission, vision and value has had a great impact on the people in my business. I can highly endorse Warren for a valuable contribution to your team.

Bill Stewart, Sr. National Sales Director with Primerica.

Ghent Hopkins

Mr. Martin
You spoke at the ARM MidAmerica annual meeting this week in Tulsa and it was your presentation that made the 2-day meeting worth coming over for. As was discussed, insurance professionals can be a "little dry" to say the least. However, know that you made an impact on me and I believe many others in attendance. May God continue to bless you and your family,
Ghent Hopkins, Baker-Harris- Hopkins Insurance, Enid, OK

Lori Austin

Warren has a gift, I believe given to him by our Lord. I have heard him preach several times in my home church; Corinth Baptist. When Warren teaches people of all ages listen and remember his message. You know when kids and teenagers can tell you hours and days after the message what it was about that God has truly worked through this man. If you ever have the opportunity to listen to this man preach I would highly recommend it!

Roger Littlefield

In my 20 plus years of hearing outstanding speakers while serving in the USAF, I believe that I would put Warren Martin on my Top 10 list, right up there with James C. Hunter. Our church, Emmanuel Baptist in Altus Oklahoma held our annual revival this past August and we booked Warren Martin as the guest speaker of the event for four days. He did an amazing job bringing the Word to each and every worship service. His many different styles of preaching is unique, and he knows how to reach every age group and ethnicity group. His passion for Christ and knowledge of the Bible was very evident throughout the revival. I would definitely recommend booking Warren Martin to come to your church as a revival speaker without hesitation!

Lucy Porter

I attended The Four Star Leadership Program this year and had the pleasure of hearing Warren speak. He was not just a man speaking to us throughout the week, he was a mentor. Warren really opened up to a group of teenagers in a way that helped me view life differently. I am definitely changed after spending the week with Warren. He does an excellent job of communicating the traits of a good leader and how we can all work towards being better leaders. Having Warren as a speaker was a truly memorable experience. Thank you Warren for all you have done on furthering my personal development, as well as that of so many others.

Christine M.

I listened to Warren speak throughout the Four Star Leadership Program this summer. Not only was he informative, but he also adapts to the audiences he is speaking to. Throughout the week he spoke to our group on many different aspects of not only leadership, but self-development. Warren kept our group motivated throughout the week and always had a personal anecdote to keep us entertained. He was our biggest supporter throughout the program and encouraged us to push the limits, work hard, and never settle!

Christine M.
Four Star Leadership Program 2014

Ramsey Phelps

I am so thankful I had the opportunity to listen to Warren speak. After hearing the same person talk to you everyday for a week, you think it would get boring and redundant but it wasn't. Each day he had something new and enticing to talk to us about. He spoke to us like friends and gave us advice that I will use for the rest of my life. Four Star Leadership was an amazing opportunity and I'm so glad Warren was a part of it!

Ramsey Phelps
2014 Four Star Leadership Program

Patrick Bruce

I have had the privilege of listening to Mr. Martin speak on several occasions. The first time I met him was at the Inspired Leadership Challenge at Cameron University. He is very engaging and communicates his message very effectively to the audience. During his presentations he uses very memorable and effective audience participation exercises. He knows exactly how to reach for and grab the attention of each person in the audience. His enthusiasm and dedication to what he does really shines through. In addition to being a great speaker, Mr. Martin serves as the Executive Director of the General Tommy Franks Leadership Institute and Museum. This organization is committed to improving the leaders of today and training the leaders of tomorrow. In his presentation the Four Stars of Leadership are emphasized throughout: Character, Communication, Common Vision, and Caring. His use of what has made General Franks so great and his own personal experiences make for a great presentation. I have also seen Warren's commitment to making a significant impact on the lives of others through his interactions with myself and other students in attendance at the General Tommy Franks Four Star Leadership program. Mr. Martin has made me want to improve myself and those around me. If you are ever in need of an inspirational speaker or want to teach some valuable life and leadership skills to a group, Mr. Martin is the perfect choice!

Patrick Bruce
Choctaw, Oklahoma
Brigham Young University
Inspired Leadership Challenge 2014 and Four Star Leadership 2014 Participant

Ruchit M.

Mr. Martin was our main speaker throughout the four-star program. Each day, the schedule started from 7 AM to 9 PM, but Mr. Martin's speeches pushed us to push ourselves. You could see students waking up at 3 or 4 and working until breakfast to perfect their speeches, others would stay up late nights and work on their debating skills. I am almost sure that this was a direct response to Mr. Martin's inspirational talks every-day. Personally, I recorded some of the talks and still listen to them today if I ever do need that extra burst of spirit to get me through the day. I highly reccomend Mr. Martin as a speaker, especially, for youth.

Meegan Mackay

Thank you for taking the time to speak to the 2014 WOSC Kids College. The kids loved it. Your topics and techniques were perfect for our L.I.F.E. Skills Workshop: listening, working hard, setting goals, finding mentors, and surrounding yourself with those you aspire to be like. The kids asked if you would come back next wishes and look forward to working with you again soon.

Meegan Mackay
Founder, Artes pro Vita Academy (AVA)

Rob Hughes

Warren is an extremely charismatic, gifted, and talented speaker. I had the honor and privilege of hearing Warren speak to my Army National Guard Officer Candidate School class. He truly moved and inspired me with his message of servant leadership, caring about your people, and leading from the front. Warren does an excellent job of involving the audience, using empirical examples of leadership, and using examples of what it takes to truly be a great leader. Warren has a dynamic speaking style that is compelling and engaging. He knows how to work the crowd and adapt to whatever audience he's speaking to, in my example, a military audience. Warren's speech truly touched our officer candidate school class, at a particularly difficult time during our training, it gave us the boost that we needed. Warren's message of humility, confidence, and leading by example struck a chord with me, and truly changed my life. I was a college state finalist in speech and debate, and have seen many speeches. Warren is one of the best I've ever seen. He not only inspires you with his presentation, but he inspires you to act, and apply the lessons that he teaches to your daily life. I'm thankful I had the opportunity to see Warren speak, and I hope you get the chance to see him as well. On top of all that, Warren is a genuine, authentic, and benevolent human being who is passionate about what he does and strives for excellence. He's an amazing human being. I give him my very highest recommendation.
Officer Candidate Rob Hughes
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