Chicken Coop or Chicken Poop?

© 2015 Warren Martin. All rights reserved.

© 2015 Warren Martin. All rights reserved.

Roosters love to crow! Chickens produce eggs. Those are the facts.

Chickens are known for their penchant to establish a pecking order. Whenever you put a brood of chickens together, they will quickly establish a pecking order from the lowliest chick to the dominant rooster. They will flaunt, peck, challenge and intimidate each other until each chicken knows its place. The pecking order is generally established in the chicken yard amongst all the chicken poop.

The real production takes place in the chicken coop. In the coop it comes down to individual chickens doing what they do ... producing eggs. A good chicken will produce an egg a day.

Rooster are leaders. Yet, they don't rule the coop, they rule the yard. They love getting all the chickens out in the yard, because they love ruling. They enjoy running the gambit of the pecking order, because they always come out on top. They love to hear themselves crow and see all the other chickens respond. However, the more you gather amongst the poop, the less production there is in the coop.

People are a lot like chickens. They are going to get together. They will establish a pecking order. And most of us enjoy hearing ourselves crow!

There are two different ways people get together: meetings and wastings.

Most of the get togethers I'm invited to are actually wastings led by some rooster who enjoys hearing themselves crow or wants to run the gambit of the pecking order.

If you are a rooster (leader), be careful how often you crow! Now, let's get back to the coop and start producing.


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