A Key To Success: Be a Party Pooper!

© 2015 Warren Martin. All Rights Reserved.

© 2015 Warren Martin. All Rights Reserved.

I recently did something I rarely do, probably voluntarily gave all my personal information away on Facebook taking one of those stupid quizzes. The quiz was a series of questions to determine which Disney character you most resembled. The answer for me was Genie - as in the movie Aladdin.

So, what is your wish? To be more productive? Let me help you with that!

The results listed my strengths as being optimistic and a joker. True. My weakness: "Always wants to leave parties early." Also true.

Yet, I don't see that as a weakness. It is important to be boring at times. In fact, it is vital. That's how you find the time to get things done.

Here is a real life example. I don't watch a movie I'm not into. It is amazing how many people will sit and watch an entire movie only to walk away and talk about how bad it was. I don't care how much money you spent on the movie. If it ain't any good, don't waste your time along with the money you just wasted. Walk away!

Don't get me wrong. I socialize and have fun ... ask anyone. I rarely meet a stranger and I tend to be towards the front of a room. But it is important to have the strength to withdraw and be alone. That's where my greatest work is done. Have the courage to leave early!

Sometimes a key to success is in knowing when to be a party pooper!


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